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Rent a website

from as little as £49.99 a month

We know, sometimes a new business just doesn't have the funds for the initial layout of a brand new website, especially if it's already cost a fortune to set up the business up in the first place.


When you’ve just launched your new business you might not be in a position to justify your own website immediately. You might not have the confidence that you will get your return or you may even not want to stretch yourself financially at the outset.


However you may have probably already recognised that you do need a website to maximise the potential of your new business and are even thinking to use one of the many on-line templates available to do just that. But you are concerned to present the best image possible to potential customers and are not sure how to get the maximum exposure on the internet. How are they going to find it amongst all those other sites out there?


If you are asking yourself these questions, we think we have the answer.


In 2018 we will be launching a brand new service which allows new customers to 'rent' a website from us.


You simply choose how many pages you would like and send us over some pictures and text that you'd like to include. If you need advise on layout or wish to discuss any aspect we are here for you. We will do the rest. We will host and maintain the site and you can rent it for as long as you'd like. Charges will be crystal clear and there will be no hidden fees


This will be a brand new service for 2018

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